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Specialists in industrial freezers

We are experts in machinery for the food processing market, with long-term experience in the constantly changing and developing industry. Next to general food processing machinery, we are specialized in freezing technologies.

The food processing industry is constantly demanding higher quality end-products. That is one reason why freezing technology is constantly innovating, creating a limited operating lifetime for industrial freezers. When a food manufacturing company is looking to invest in new freezing equipment for his production line, he has to decide what to do with his excess freezers.

Where we assist

We value your used freezing equipment;

We buy the industrial freezers;

We provide professional dismounting solutions;

We transport and warehouse all equipment and excess technology;

We prepare your used freezing equipment for a new life in our network within the global food processing industry.

Dismantling industrial freezers

The disassembly of freezing equipment can be a complex process involving various safety risks and hazards. Thus, providing a safe and secure dismounting environment is our number one priority.

At Progressu, we take care of our clients through providing service rather than just buy your equipment, machinery and production lines. Our clients trust us with the job and are then able to focus on their core activities instead, without additional concerns.

"As an international partner in the global trade of freezing equipment, complete cooling systems, cold rooms and more, PROGRESSU is proud to offer a low cost-high reward solution to food processors all over the world."

We are continuously looking for the following used industrial refrigeration systems

• IQF freezers
• Spiral freezers
• Tunnel freezers
• Blast / shock / crust freezers
• Flow / belt / plate / screw freezers
• Liquid nitrogen freezers
• Cryogenic freezers
• Cooling tunnels / towers / belts
• Chillers and water chillers
• Coolers and evaporators
• Compressors
• Complete freeze and/or cooling systems

Sell used freezing equipment?

We work all over Europe

We have a close network consisting of professional European partners and international teams. This allows us to offer our dismantling services throughout Europe. 

Upload photos of your freezing equipment HERE to be advised about the possibilities.

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Pasta factory in Luxembourg

Complete decommissioning of pasta factory


Spinach washing line in North Rhine Westphalia

Dismantling of used spinach washing line


Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT dismantling

Two Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® M6 Spiralfreezers