Slicers and cutters

Slicers are machines that can slice elongated products with a number of knife blades. The slice thickness can be adjusted by changing the product in-feed rate and the rotary knife tooling rate. Cutters are designed to cut food products using a rotary knife, or with a reciprocating blade or knife.


Dicers are machines that cut the food ingredients into small cubes. The food ingredients come in with a certain thickness of shape, which is being cut in long strips. Then the cubes are created when these strips are cross-cut.

Multifunctional machinery

Multifunctional slicers, dicers and cutters can cut, slice, dice or shred the food ingredients depending on how the tooling of the machine is configurated.

Progressu is a trusted partner in the international food industry

We buy second-hand food machinery from many different branches, such as the meat industry, the fish industry, but also equipment for the processing of vegetables, ready-to-eat meals, snacks and more. Upload your machinery via the SELL-tool on this page or call us on +49 2563/2054593

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Two Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® M6 Spiralfreezers