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Used machines at fair prices

We understand that enterprises nowadays have to deal with the increasing costs of owning and maintaining high-quality machinery. The costs of brand-new industrial machinery are high and usually underestimated.

Our view on used machinery

For many, used machines are a perfect alternative. Buying second-hand machines is not looked upon in today's society. In contrast, many large companies are choosing to invest in used high-quality machinery.

Of course, every organization has a budget that plays an important role when buying new equipment. With a low budget, one has two options:

There is an option of investing in new machines of a not too high quality, which is considered favorable to many. However, problems may arise quickly with products that come often from abroad, and these can be versatile. They range from: a lack of the manufacturer's customer service and a lack of warranty to frequent technical defects. In the end, these issues end up in increased costs that add up over time.

Buying second-hand machinery, on the other hand, is a good decision if the used machines are well revised and maintained.


Progressu acts as a link between these two markets: organizations having to sell their machinery when it is no longer needed or due to bankruptcy and organizations looking to buy used machinery due to a limited budget.

At Progressu, we buy second-hand food machinery for our partners worldwide. We prepare them for a second life.

With more than 500 different used machines available and an international customer base, we can provide to the wishes of our partners.

Next to used food machines we also buy production lines and complete factories for processing meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables.

Therefore, we are continuously on the lookout for all sorts of used food and beverage machinery. This includes industrial freezers and convenience machines that are used to produce and preserve convenience foods, prepared meals, snacks and more.

We give food machinery and factories a second life

Advantages and disadvantages

Sparing the company's budget is one reason to invest in used machinery, but there are many more.

Direct availability

Used machines are directly available. Ordering a new machine goes hand in hand with long delivery times, mainly because industrial machines are made on demand. This means the production begins once the order is received by the manufacturer, which can range from a few weeks up to several months. A delay in the delivery of such machines could mean a revenue dip for the buyer. Buying used machinery prevents this, as the decision to buy a used machine happens quickly.

Flexible buying process

The buying process is simple and just as flexible. Before deciding to buy a certain machine, there is the opportunity to visit and evaluate the used machinery at location.

Saving money

The amount of money invested can be kept small when buying used food processing equipment. This way, an opportunity is created to invest in several used machines in order to provide a comprehensive range of equipment.

The machines are being sold for a variety of reasons. They may come from companies that had to sell after bankruptcy, that have orientating differently and switched to other machines, or have similar reasons.

Often these machines and equipment have not been in use for long. Particularly then it would be a strategic option to think about investing in a used maching and save considerably for your own company without sacrificing quality.

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We take care of disassembly, we only work with certified professionals and we pay in cash before pick-up. We will make sure that you will hear from us within 24 hours.

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