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Industrial Grinders and Mincers

Industrial grinding or mincing machinery are used to grind, mince or mix raw or cooked food ingredients, such as meat, fish, vegetables or similar food.

Grinders are used for the fine chopping of food. The food ingredients will be put in a funnel on top of the grinder. After that the material goes on a horizontal screw conveyor, which squashes and partially mixes the food. The fineness of the food depends on the size of the holes in the plate at the opening of the machine.

These machines are very diverse in how they can be used, as changing the hole plate creates different sizes of how the food is being grinded. Breadcrumbs can be produced by using a plate with smaller holes and sausages can be produced by using a plate with larger holes. Larger machines are able to produce several tons per hour.

Mixer units

In some cases, producers add the optional feature of a mixer unit to their larger grinders. This unit is able to mix different kinds of meat (beef or pork, frozen or fresh) together or mixed with additives like spices and salt. This means the meat can be mixed before grinding it, rather than after grinding it. This affects the taste and appearance of most products.

Progressu is your international partner in used machinery for the food industry

We focus on used machinery in the food industry. For example for the production of convenience food, along with equipment used for processing pet food and for the meat industry.

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