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We understand the vital role we play in the food industry, by setting a new standard for machinery trading. Our vision and mission depict what we strive to achieve within our business and the food industry we operate in.

Our commitment to integrity in business

Progressu GmbH is committed to provide a high standard of honesty and ethical behaviour in carrying out her worldwide business activities. How we treat our people, our planet and our profit portray a general overview on how we strive to achieve integrity and sustainability in our supply chain and business.

Our people

We feel responsible for good working conditions. After all, healthy employees who feel comfortable at work are more motivated. We are therefore actively involved in the provision of a healthy working environment and the prevention of accidents. Our procedures ensure that periodic maintenance and safety inspections are carried out on all our buildings and materials.

For work on location, a standard safety plan is drawn up, including a risk assessment. Employees are informed in advance about possible dangers and possibly necessary protective equipment. Materials are tested and inspected before use.

Our planet

“A second life for food technology” is our vision and main reason we operate in this market. We use our knowledge of food machinery to ensure no good machines get scrapped. By prolonging machinery life, we reduce waste. We make maximum use of left-over materials and ensure they are recycled or recyclable.

We are actively reducing our CO2 footprint by only transporting what is absolutely necessary. Most of our machines are only transported once or twice: from the seller to our warehouse, and from our warehouse to the buyer.

Our profit

Progressu is a privately owned company, investing her profit in larger projects that will drive sustainability in the food industry. Our mission is to become the largest sustainable partner, for used food machinery in Europe.

“Think globally, act locally”: we want to make a positive contribution to the local economy by locally involving personnel, services, goods and equipment, where possible and economically feasible.

Progressu purchased this refrigerated warehouse from VION in Wunstorf, along with the rest of the factory. The refrigerated warehouse was rebuild in the Philippines for a second life. A real masterpiece!


Soups and sauce production line in Baden Wurttemberg

A remarkable setup in excellent condition


Fryer line in Bremen

Removing the complete system in two stages


FRONTMATEC primal cutting line

Brand new & carefully re-assembled