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Used Industrial Mixers and Blenders

One of the most important stages of transforming raw ingredients to make food suitable for human consumption, is in the mixing and blending operations. The main task here is to create consistency in the product. This is crucial to home cooks, but also to process engineers: the importance of mixing should not be underestimated. Even with the right ingredients and flavours, a great recipe will not become good food if it is not well-blended or well-mixed. The parameters that count here are taste, texture, colour and appearance. The food industry requires a high level of consistency, and that is something that the right mixer or blender can provide.

Paddle mixers

Industrial paddle mixers are designed to run on a direct drive gear system that is both reliable and quiet in operation. Known as a fast, gentle and even method for mixing can be used on the most delicate of products. This can be used for mixing many different kinds of food, ranging from various salads such as pasta salads, wet salads or coleslaw to dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces. These paddle mixers will mix all ingredients without breaking down the larger pieces.

Blenders / Ribbon mixers

Industrial blenders or Ribbon Mixers are efficient and multipurpose blending machines for the mixing and blending of a wide range of food ingredients. The food industry is the main end user of most ribbon blenders, where common applications include coffee, spices, food colouring, flour, sugar, cake and bread mixes, frozen vegetables, salsa mixes, snack foods and tea blends. These blenders are also commonly used for producing pet foods and other animal feeds. It is also not unusual for chopped meat and vegetables to be mixed in a paddle blender.

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