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Vacuum fillers, portioners and depositors

Especially in today’s competitive food sector, food must be pleasing to the eye. This means the filling and portioning is not just about weight accuracy anymore, but also about the appearance of the product – it should be attractive.

Consumers are more likely to (re-buy) the product if it looks good packaged or served on a plate.


Vacuum fillers are widely used in the food sector. They are mainly used for meat products such as the filling of sausages and dry sausages, ham, salami and more.

They can be used for many different types of food ingredients, and are versatile in its applications: pasty, chunky, hot or cold products can all be processed through filling, portioning, forming, cutting, co-extruding and dosing.

Filling process

During the filling process the food is transported in the distributing pump. In this stage the air will be extracted and the portioning will take place. With a high precision in portion weight control, the food ingredients are filled in their casing. Together with an option to link the fillers with clippers, it would form a complete production line.


Portioning and depositing food ingredients has to be accurate in order to create a high-quality snack, an appetizing meal component or a ready-to-eat meal.

Portioning meat for end products such as hamburgers or nuggets is the initial step in the processing process. The products need to be portioned accurately and consistently in weight and shape.

The portioning machinery can be used for a wide variety of raw food ingredients, whether they have a pasty, liquid or solid consistency.

Products will be portioned accurately whilst retaining their structure, in multi-layers if necessary for the filling. This occurs with low weight dispersal in order to maximize the uniformity of the products.

Where solid fillings are concerned, cut-to-measure slices of solid filling will be added to the basic raw material on the belt, making the filled product completely automatically and without any need for correction by hand.

For liquid or paste fillings, the filling is deposited onto the basic raw material at exactly the right place and in exactly the right quantities.

Everything from whole muscle meat masses to meat mixes can be portioned by various portioning systems.

High pressure forming gives you the option of producing a wide variety of quality products at an attractive price.

Low pressure portioning enables you to produce high quality products whilst retaining the structure and texture of the raw material.

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