About spiral freezers

With new freezing technologies, it is possible to store seasonal items year round. This means production capacities can increase, without having to worry about inventory waste. The frozen products keep their original flavor and texture throughout the entire storage period, this can be one month or one year. There are many options available when looking for large industrial freezers. Especially the spiral freezer line is becoming a popular type of freezer for growing business owners.


Spiral freezers have the ability to freeze food products and even packaged food products in large quantities at the same time. Faster rates of freezing ensures for greater energy efficiencies.A high quality of the product is being maintained throughout the total freezing process, where the texture, moisture and flavor stay consistent where dehydration of the foods is minimized. The compact form of spiral freezers is one of the main benefits. Especially when there is limited space available, spiral freezers compare better to tunnel freezers which take up more space.

Sell used spiral freezer?

Progressu buys your second-hand spiral freezers, from all sorts of brands:

Frigoscandia, Starfrost, JBT, IJ White, G&F Systems, RMF Freezing, Northfield Freezing, AeroFreezer, Advanced Freezing Systems, York Freezing, Cloudy and Britton, Singer, Martin Bearens, Airo Spirals, Liquid Carboni

We make sure to offer a competitive price, where we also take care of dismantling, transportation and revision, before we take the freezer to the new owner.

Upload pictures/video's of your freezing equipment via the SELL-tool on this page or call us directly on +49 2563/2054593 to speak with one of our experts.



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