Cooling tunnels for the food processing industry

Food cooling tunnels are used to process large quantities of jam, jelly and beverages but also meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, pastries, pastas and other prepared food.

Cooling food using a cooling tunnel is more efficient and because of the direct touch to the stainless steel mesh conveyor, sanitary safe. The food is handled with care during the entire cooling process.

Cooling is the last stage of the production process and ensuring a good crystallization process guarantees a high quality end product.

Progressu is continuously interested in cooling tunnels from all sorts of brands. We offer a competitive price for second-hand and used cooling tunnels from all sorts of brands.

We make sure the freezers stay in perfect condition by taking care of the dismantling, revising and transportation ourselves.

Do you want to sell your cooling tunnel or contact us for more information? Fill out the SELL-tool on this page or do not hesitate to call +49 5903-93730-11 or contact us here.

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