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Industrial vacuum tumblers are mainly used in the meat industry. They are designed to remove air during the tumbling process; contents are rotated together with a liquid marinade. This process is called massaging and inserts moisture into the meat to create a product with more flavor.

Tumbling process

Air is retracted out of the drum and forces the marinade into the food. The process itself is simple; it starts with placing the meat into the drum of the tumbling machine along with a liquid solution, spices or other flavors that are desired to be infused. Then the air is gradually removed by drawing a high capacity vacuum. Because of the changing atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure, the meat will be infused with the liquid instead of air when the drum rotates.

Tumble to taste

This process will continue until there is a consistency in the meat, and a desired flavoring is reached. ‘Tumble to taste’, which means many taste varieties can be achieved depending on the recipe and tumbling process. The oxidation process will be reduced, and shelf life of the infused meat will be increased.

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