Individual Quick Freezing

Individual Quick Freezing, also abbreviated as IQF, is a freezing method used in the food processing industry.

Normally, IQF technologies are being used for food products that are smaller in size: berries, fruits and vegetables, but also seafood such as shrimps, small fish, meat, poultry that are diced and sliced, and even cheese, pasta and grains.


The main advantage of this method is that the freezing process only takes a few minutes; the exact time depends on the product and on the type of IQF freezer that is being used for the preparing of frozen food.

Because the freezing process happens quickly, it will preserve the product's cells and structures. This makes the product keep its shape, colour, smell and taste after defrost, at a far greater extent.

Another significant advantage of IQF technology is the ability to separate the product units during the freezing process, which produces a higher quality product compared to block freezing.

This advantage also contributes to overall food sustainability: the consumer can defrost and use the exact needed quantity.

Selling used IQF freezers?

Fill out the SELL-tool on this page. Contact us or call us directly on +49 2563/2054593. Within 24 hours you will hear from Progressu and together we will determine the value of your used IQF freezer.

After the purchase contract, professional dismantling and removal of your freezing equipment will be done by our certified professionals. We make sure transportation happens safely to one of our warehouses. All freezing equipment will be checked and revised before we take it to its new owner.

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