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Purchase of used food machinery

PROGRESSU is specialized in the purchase of second-hand industrial food machinery and equipment. With more than 25 years of experience in the food industry, we know what is most important about food machinery, we recognize the difference in quality of machinery brands, we know how to work together with food factories, but most importantly: we do what we say we do.

Specialists in the industry know that the food machinery park in factories is ever-changing. Machinery are regularly replaced due to all sorts of reasons: depreciation, broken parts, change in products being made, et cetera. Most of these machines are still well enough to work with. This is where PROGRESSU comes in:

We determine the value of used food machinery.

We purchase used food machinery.

We dismantle used food machinery.

We transport used food machinery

We give a new life to used food machinery. 

Selling your food machinery completely RISK FREE

It's really that simple! Our experts always work in accordance with all current safety requirements. Our technicians disassemble the food machines in a safe and orderly manner, so that they can be used in different markets. The best part? We pay in advance, without guarantees, always with a well-written purchase contract in consultation with the customer. That way, our customers will not have to deal with any risks.

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Soups and sauce production line in Baden Wurttemberg

A remarkable setup in excellent condition


Fryer line in Bremen

Removing the complete system in two stages


FRONTMATEC primal cutting line

Brand new & carefully re-assembled