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About weighing machines for the food industry

Weighing machines and scales are designed to ensure that products are packed in correct amounts in terms of weight.

Several types of scales exist, where very weighing machine has its own specific characteristics, as there are various types and balances available.

When looking to invest in a weighing machine or scale, it is important to determine which type of weighing machine fits the producing situation best. This can depend on the sort of product that is being processed, or the necessary accuracy.

Entrepreneurs that look to be as precise as possible can save money through accurate weighing, as this would result in the least amount of surplus product being dispensed.

Several types of weighing equipment that we regularly buy for our clients overseas are described below.

Multi-headed weighers

Providing accurate weighing for smaller packaging

These type of weighing machines are very fast and very accurate. This makes it particularly suitable for smaller product units. Multi-headed weighers are mostly used for fruits and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, beans, lettuce, pre-cut fruits or crisps.

Belt scale with mechanical scale

For batches of products with a weight of 5 kg and more

Belt scales use weighing containers that are connected to a mechanical or digital scale. Two conveyor belts (one that is wider and one that is narrower) will fill the weighing bin. When the set weight in the weighing bin is reached, the wide conveyor belt stops while the very last product quantities are filled by the narrow conveyor belt. This method makes sure that the set weight can be reached as accurately as possible. When the set weight is reached, the narrow conveyor belt will stop, too. Then the contents of the weighing bin can be emptied manually and the cycle can start again. These scales are mostly used for larger products such as potatoes, onions, carrots, beets and other coarse vegetables.

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