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Purchase of factory inventories and complete factories

Are you selling (part of) your inventory or do you have an entire factory that needs to be cleared now or in the near future?

As an international partner in the food industry, PROGRESSU.DE has specialized in buying and clearing inventories and factories over the years.

Most of our activities consist of clearing large factory halls or entire factories that were once active in the food industry. Thanks to our extensive technological knowledge and specialized dismantling teams, we work quickly and efficiently, but above all safely and with the greatest possible protection for the environment.

We make sure that our partners can hand over their projects to Progressu with confidence and certainty. We relieve our partners in the food industry of the extra work, thus creating space for them to concentrate on what is most important: the uninterrupted production of high-quality foods.

Would you like to start selling your food processing machines or production lines right away? Please contact PROGRESSU.DE for your enquiry.

Step by step: from a full factory to an empty space

First, you make an appointment for a viewing. We visit the food production location together with you. Once on location, we determine the total value of the processing equipment and the type of work that has to be completed. Often, after discussing your wishes, we can already give you an indication of the total dismantling costs, along with an estimation of the project duration and approximate end date. This will be followed up with a written offer.

After receiving approval of the offer, we will immediately transfer the total amount for the purchase of the food machinery, depending on the type of project. This means you, as our newest partner, will receive the money before the start of the project: something our current partners really appreciate. Next, we will take stock of the machines that are located in the food factory. We clean everything, take photographs and write the corresponding descriptions of the machines for a successful export of the food machines.

Our dismantling teams will start on the agreed date and waste bins are set up for the various types of dismantling debris. Once disconnected, all machinery will be loaded onto trucks and the (dismantling) debris will be collected and sorted. Some machines go directly to the customer, the others we transport to one of our European warehouses. Here we again check and clean the machines, and prepare for export.

A second life: the food machines are ready for a new owner, and the food processing technology will not be lost.

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