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Selling food forming machinery?

Industrial food forming machines, or simply formers, are designed to form food products to almost any imaginable shape. It can be used for any product ingredients such as poultry, pork, beef, fish, vegetables and even meat substitutes, cheese, potato and bakery products. End products range from hamburgers and meatballs to croquettes, where any shape and size can be achieved. Innovative forming installations allow even the most delicate product ingredients to be processed, where quality and structure are preserved.


The product moves into a built-in hopper, then a push filling system is and fed to the filling passage through a push filling system. The filling system then moves the product into the moulding plate very carefully. The entirely mechanical machine processes the products carefully and precisely and enables a very stable production process even at low pressure.

High capacity versus high flexibility

Most form machines are focused on processing high batches, and high production capacity. These machines work very precise and efficiently: they have excellent shape retention and accurate weight, and only air used to expel the products.

Plate forming machines use use air and water to expel the products and are designed to form products from fresh food ingredients where they offer a low to medium production capacity. Because these machines are extremely versatile and flexible in their use, they are ideal for smaller batches of fresh meat.

Sell forming equipment for the food industry?

At PROGRESSU we are specialized in buying and dismantling used processing equipment for the food industry.

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