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Experts in food machinery dismantling

PROGRESSU.DE has been intensively engaged for more than 5 years in the site decommissioning of entire factories that were operating in the food industry, in addition to buying machines and food processing lines. 

"As experts by experience, we want to provide more information about what exactly clearing out a factory entails, how it works and explain certain risks that might occur."

Dismantling an entire food production location is not easy and requires thorough planning in advance. This is often not the most enjoyable assignment for food producers, whether or not this managed by the curator or authorities. Here it is important for management to work closely with their technical engineers, taking into consideration what to do with the inventory, the property, possibly a new location, if chemicals still reside in the grounds, if other waste like asbestos need to be removed and ultimately, of course, the additional costs of the complete decommissioning.

Since PROGRESSU.DE has been involved in these type of works for years, we provide specialized working groups for these projects. PROGRESSU.DE has knowledge and experience with a wide-ranging variety of issues related to the dismantling and decommissioning of industrial electrical and mechanical systems for the food industry.

Together with our client, we make agreements about the selling price of the food machinery, costs of decommissioning, the responsibilities of the various parties and the ultimate desired result. Contracts are drawn up and signed. PROGRESSU.DE will then, together with her partners, ensure that the factory is delivered “broom clean”.

We make complications uncomplicated 

A risk management plan containing safety measures will be prepared in advanced. All workers will be aware of the planned work and the risks. A project manager on location keeps a close eye on progress.

Waste will be separated, and anything that can be reused will be stored or recycled. If chemical waste is present, it will be disposed of by one our appropriate certified partners. The electrical and mechanical disconnections are then carried out by PROGRESSU.DE professionals and partners.

Subsequently, all disassembled food machines are loaded onto our trucks. Finally, PROGRESSU.DE will return the property to the customer clean and tidy. 

We work all over Europe

We have a close network consisting of professional European partners and international teams. This allows us to offer our dismantling services throughout Europe. 

Please contact PROGRESSU.DE to be advised about the possibilities.

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