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About spiral ovens

A spiral conveyor belt transports the products to the cooking zone. Vertical and horizontal air flows are present here. These ensure that the hot air and hot steam move to where they are needed.

The vertical flow ensures that the cooking process runs as efficiently as possible. This way, the product quality will stay higher. Each zone can use different cooking conditions, where temperatures can vary from 200 degrees Celsius to 'only' 95 degrees Celsius.


In the year 2016 we agreed to a project where two spiral ovens had to be removed from the factory. After all conditions were discussed and the purchase agreement was accepted, the dismantling project could begin. We only had three days to complete the project.


The two spiral ovens weigh 35.000 kilograms each. During the disassembly process inside the factory, we used a hydraulic lifting device. This installation ensured that the ovens could be moved inside the factory. Outside we used a large telescopic crane. Packed in crates and ready to transport, the large ovens came straight through the wall.


Then the ovens had to be transported for storage. For us, safety is priority number one: that is why we analyze at every step whether it is feasible or not. This also applies to special transport, which was required in this case. Special permits have been issued for the transport to take place. The transport was 14 meters long, 5.5 meters wide and 4.20 meters high.

New life

After the spiral ovens were packed and prepared, they could be transported to a new life. The ovens will be used again and the waste will be minimal.

This way, we could promote the recyclability of products, together with our partners, and contribute to the circular economy once again.


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