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About Heiter

The former traditional butchery Heiter-Emmerich was producing meat and sausage products according to Rheingauer recipe for canteen kitchens in Wiesbaden since 1899.

The company Heiter had merged in 1989 with the Frankfurt company Emmerich. The company later belonged to the Dutch Vion Food Group, which in turn sold part of the company in 2014 and then traded under the name of the Bavarian company Lutz Fleischwaren.


In 2016, Progressu bought the machinery, equipment and inventory of the Butchery Heiter from Lutz Fleischwaren.

Before we accept to take on a project, we make sure that all wishes and expectations of our client have been discussed. Important questions to ask here are for example: what is expected of the client? What is realistic in the dismounting process? How can we guarantee safety for our dismounting experts and other staff? Are there any environmental hazards and/or other risks that we need to take into account?

Once these things have been settled we can start the dismounting process. Together with the client we value the machinery, equipment or factory first. Secondly, we set a price, and thirdly a purchasing agreement will be arranged.


Managing the dismounting of this large-scale project had to be done fast and flawless. Progressu always makes sure that all safety rules and regulations are provided upfront. After the dismounting plan had been made, we completely gutted the factory and took out all inventory, always following our strict policies on health and safety.

Consequently, with our expertise and technical know-how in the meat processing industry, we could ensure a speedy dismounting procedure. In only two days, we were able to fill 22 trucks with all of the food equipment, the excess inventory and leftover materials.

New Life

We do not believe in waste, that is why we strive to give a new life to all machinery and equipment. In this case, we could sell nearly all machinery and equipment from the butchery to our international customer base. In the end, all the raw materials that were leftover of the gutting had been recycled by us.

We believe in corporate responsibility within every division of our organization. After we give new life to the inventory, space for new ideas and visions was created.


Soups and sauce production line in Baden Wurttemberg

A remarkable setup in excellent condition


Fryer line in Bremen

Removing the complete system in two stages


FRONTMATEC primal cutting line

Brand new & carefully re-assembled