Blanchers and pasteurizers

Blanching and pasteurizing are both processes that use mild thermal treatments in order to improve the product stability during storage and transportation. Even though for both blanchers and pasteurizers thermal processes are similar, they are used for different kind of food products. Blanching is mostly used for solid foods, such as vegetables, while pasteurization is mostly used for liquid foods, such as fruit juices.


The main function for this processing technique is to inactivate bacterial action, which could prevent a quick deterioration of the product quality. However, even though these products are being processed to preserve self-life, it is not sufficient to be able to store these products at room temperature.

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Are you selling blanchers or pasteurizers? We are always interested in buying various blanchers such as belt blanchers, drum blanchers (or rotary blanchers) and screw blanchers.

Also, for small quantities of food batch pasteurizers are used, while larger daily productions can be done by continuous flow pasteurizers.

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