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The project

In January 2019, four industrial spiral freezers needed to be dismantled in a factory in Bad Wünnenberg. The deadline was to finish within three weeks.

What are spiral freezers?

Spiral freezers and coolers handle products with capacities of sometimes up to 8 tonnes per hour. The high efficiency fans provide lower energy consumption. Stainless steel evaporators enhance heat transfer rates. Therefore, product quality is being optimized using most efficient freezing techniques.

With all this technology, dismantling spiral freezers is not an easy task. Therefore, we believe it is of importance that our guys are continuously up to date with the technologic know-how of several high-end freezing equipment brands, such as JBT-Frigoscandia, Marel, GEA, Stork and more.

Dismantling experts

Progressu started with the dismantling of the freezers on January 16th. Having to be ready within three weeks only added more pressure to the project.

We are aware that a safe working environment is priority number one. A risk analysis is therefore not a superfluous luxury. Everyone takes precautionary measures to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the dismantling area. In addition, our safety standards and regulations are continually being pursued in order to keep the working environment as safe as possible.


Thanks to many previous dismantling experiences, we have developed an extremely efficient system in dismantling the four spiral freezers. Parts are numbered, gathered and kept together. That way, the possibility of mixing parts is minimal.


The parts are packed into wooden crates. Just like the different freezer parts, the crates are numbered and kept together per freezer. Finally, crates are loaded onto the trucks to be transported to one of our warehouses. After only 10 days we have finished the job. January 26th the last trucks drive away.


Soups and sauce production line in Baden Wurttemberg

A remarkable setup in excellent condition


Fryer line in Bremen

Removing the complete system in two stages


FRONTMATEC primal cutting line

Brand new & carefully re-assembled