About VION

Vion Food Group is an international meat manufacturer with production sites in Germany and the Netherlands. In total, Vion is represented in 16 countries worldwide. The product portfolio of Vion includes fresh pork, fresh beef and derived products for retail, food service and the processed meat industries.


We bought the factory including all machinery and inventory in 2014 from Vion. Our positive reputation in this industry convinced Vion we were the right partner to take the project. That's not all: Vion received immediate payment from us, so we could assure Vion that the project was in good hands.


According to our internal safety and security measures, we conducted an analysis that took into account all possible hazards of the 6 hectare. We prepared a comprehensive security, safety and health plan for the factory site. This allowed us to ensure all machinery was dismounted without any casualties or danger for our staff or the environment.


In Wunstorf we have plenty of space in the former production halls. Here we professionally store machines and ensure that they are regularly maintained despite downtime and thus preserve their value and functionality.

Vion factory in Wunstorf 2014

New Life

Within 6 months we were able to sell nearly all machines and inventory worldwide. This way we made sure every machine was used sustainable and eco friendly.

The whole refrigerated warehouse and all its technology from Wunstorf was build up in the Philippines. A real masterpiece.

Our work here is not yet done. According to our company philosophy, it is our concern to also supply the area with a meaningful further use. This way the site will not end as an industrial ruin like so many others. With the City of Wunstorf we made an urban planning competition for the unique location.

After consulting with the competition landscape planner, it became clear that we could turn the current industrial location into a beautiful residential area with plenty greenery.

This plan was completed in 2017 and the concept of this plan will create additional necessary living space in the Greater Hannover Area.

Warehoused machines in Wunstorf

We think the site should not be empty during the planning phase. That is why we use it during this time as a warehouse and auction location for our machines and equipment. In addition, we were able to create a concept with the city of Wunstorf (owning the administrative building) to accommodate refugees and outsource school classes.



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